The Types of Guys You Should Avoid to Fall For.

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Loneliness mungkin akan membuatkan kita eager untuk mencari pasangan. Because in our mind, satu solution je untuk tamatkan kisah hidup "forever alone" ni. Get a boyfriend!! Well, padahal, hidup single is not that bad. and banyak lagi cara untuk atasi penyakit lonely ni.

Anyhow! When you are in 20s, you will meet a lot kind of people. Unless you are extremely lucky and equipped with amazing judgment, you will probably fall in love with a complete jerk and get your heart broken once, twice or maybe even multiple times. You will continuously try to see the best in other people, even when there might be nothing good there to see and you will probably feel like a total idiot after it’s all said and done.

With that said, here are six kind of people you should avoid to fall for love:

1. A guy who just broke up with his gf

OHH believe me, this is a state where you can easily approach someone. In this moment, he is lonely, he need someone to talk to, to distract him from thinking about his ex, to make him happy, and bla bla bla. When you always been there for him, he will start to think that he already move on and able to forget his ex. Amazingly, only for a short time, he might confess his love to you.

Remember this, love did not just disappear. For awhile, he might think that he is no longer in love with her. But once in awhile, their memories will flash back in his mind.

You need to know when he really wants a relationship with you, or you are just a rebound. He will soon realize that he is not that in love with you. And at that time, you should realize that, you're just a rebound.

2. A someone else's husband

NO. Just a no.

3. Guy with a clingy ex

Ain’t nobody got time for that sh*t. This is guaranteed drama. Not only are you going to have drama with the ex, you will always have issues with your ex’s ex and all of her friends. No guy is worth that sh*t. Chances are he’s damaged because honestly who can’t even be civil with a person they shared so much time with?

4. A guy with no life motivation

Because you need a guy who can be by your side and help you to be a better person. I'm not saying that we rely on someone to be a better person. But, it is important to be surrounded by one. In future, we have so many achievements to unlock. It will be better if we have someone who motivated in his life,  not someone who can't even tell where his life is going, who can't answer you when you ask him that "where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?".

5. Your ex

Fallbacks are never a good idea. There’s a reason this relationship didn’t work out and that reason didn’t go away even though you may be unable to find someone better. You will never find the right one until you let go of the wrong one. You may have invested time and effort into them, but no matter how appealing this concept may appear, always remember they are your ex for a reason.

6. A guy that smells bad

Look, hygiene is the most factor that you should consider in someone. I don't understand how someone can attracted to a guy who didn't shower?

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